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New Creations Uploaded Monthly
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Sustainable Face Masks

With new restrictions in place around the wearing of masks, we are happy to be offering people reusable masks using our repurposed denim and fabrics.

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic is putting increased pressure on our waste and recycling system making it even more important to reduce the use of disposable masks.

I’ve read reports of single-use masks washing up on shores or being left behind in shopping trolleys or carparks which breaks my heart.  

Our masks are designed for longevity with 3 layers - RePurposed Denim Fabric, UpCycled Cotton and a Filter Pocket Layer. Ties are used instead of elastic because they last longer and they are easier to wear for people with pressure/sensory issues around their ears (like me) or wear hearing devices.

They have a little bubble like space inside so they don't suck into your mouth when you breathe or talk, those fabulous beards have room to be tucked away and lip stick stays in place.  

So, we listened to your requests and came up with these soft denim beauties, to keep those who must wear masks feeling safe and helping our planet, one mask at a time.